Toddlers need to snack to grow. Eating little & often is ideal as their tummies aren’t big enough yet to take on board enough energy & nutrients from just three meals a day. Snacks help top them up & keep them going..

Variety is important – lots of shapes, tastes and textures helps little explorers try new things!

Mix it up between sweet and savoury – 
Treats some can be better than others, but moderation is key.

Juice - little ones need about 6-8 drinks a day, water and tea without added sugar are ideal. Make sure pure fruit juice is diluted1 part juice to 10 parts water 


Toddlers need to eat regularly and need nutritious snacks between meals. The best snacks are those which are low in added sugar. A variety of snacks should be offered including:

  • fruit - kiwi, handful of grapes or raisins, berries, half an apple or pear
  • vegetables - carrot, celery, pepper or cucumber sticks
  • yoghurt
  • oat cakes
  • pitta bread with cream cheese
  • Organix snacks